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Why should I set targets for HIV prevention activities?

Setting ambitious and realistic targets sharpens the focus of national prevention responses, assists in obtaining political and community support, and mobilizing resources. In setting targets, national AIDS authorities should:

  • Review the status and transmission dynamics of the HIV epidemic.
  • Define and prioritize measures to be included in the national response.
  • Estimate the sizes of populations in need.
  • Review current coverage rates and historic rate of scaling up, and project potential achievements by 2010.
  • Determine resources available, current coverage capacity, and requirements to overcome obstacles.
  • Mobilize resources to meet targets.

National targets define the strategic priorities to be addressed in relation to the population in need and the coverage required to meet these needs. Operational targets define the inputs, processes, and outputs required for the national target to be met, which in turn are the summation of programme targets. Programme targets are set and used by managers to ensure that their activities are on track.

Detailed information on target-setting can be found in the UNAIDS document, Setting National Targets for Moving Towards Universal Access