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How do I match my HIV prevention response to a specific epidemic setting and scenario?

Effective HIV prevention requires prioritizing and matching the response according to the epidemic in each country. Not all prevention objectives can be achieved in the short term. And even in the short term, programs must be repeated again and again to reach new cohorts and to sustain prevention. HIV prevention is for life. Match your HIV response to a specific epidemic and setting by considering various elements according to scenario.

Prioritizing for Low-level

low level

Prioritizing for Concentrated

Prioritizing for Generalized

Prioritizing for Hyperendemic

*Colour gradations across these four diagrams represent the intensity of the HIV prevention intervention required. The darker the colour proportionately more resources should be allocated. The larger the circle (denoting people living with HIV), the greater the proportion in the population. The greater the overlap into the green areas (total population), the greater the extent to which HIV has spread into the general population.