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What can leadership do for effective national HIV prevention response?

The National AIDS Authority – in line with the “Three Ones Principles” – should provide active leadership, coordinate the involvement of different partners and sectors, and ensure accountability for an effective national HIV prevention response.

  • Provide overall leadership and advocacy for HIV prevention;
  • Coordinate various actions on HIV prevention and integrate with treatment, care and support elements of the national AIDS strategy;
  • Create platforms for policy debate on HIV prevention;
  • Build a vocal constituency for HIV prevention;
  • Monitor and evaluate HIV prevention programmes within the overall AIDS response;
  • Support resource mobilization and capacity building of the National AIDS Authority to scale up HIV prevention;
  • Coordinate inputs around HIV prevention for national AIDS and development planning;
  • Assess response capacity within each ministry and civil society sector and identify measures to strengthen capacity;
  • Analyse human resource, legal and social protection needs and identify measures to build human resources and scale up legal and social protection services; and
  • Analyse the extent to which each sector contributes to reducing HIV vulnerability and identify measures of vulnerability reduction.