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This is the Public Demo Model, or Beta Version, of the UNAIDS HIV Prevention Toolkit.  Once you have
used the Toolkit and experienced its various features and functions, please provide your feedback,
especially your suggestions for resource. Your feedback helps our continuous quality improvement efforts
to make the Toolkit the best that it can be to serve the needs of field-based program managers involved in
HIV Prevention. UNAIDS thanks you for your time and effort and looks forward to receiving your

Do you represent:

1. Are you a field-based program manager already involved in HIV Prevention?

2. Did you find this website useful?

3. Did you find it easy to navigate?

4. Will you use it again?

5. What is the most useful part of the toolkit? (Choose one)

6. What is the least useful part of the toolkit? (Choose one)

7. Please name three (3) tools/resources you reviewed that you found most practical and user-friendly for programme/project managers.  Or, please suggest a tool/resource you would like to see included in the Toolkit.

8. Please provide specific suggestions for improvement if you have any on the following:
  • title page of the toolkit
  • presentation of the title page
  • link between the title of each field and the text within the field in the toolkit
  • whether adequate user guidance is provided within the existing toolkit
  • type of questions asked/included in the toolkit and whether the questions are simple and clear
  • whether relevant and key resources are identified and made available as tools within the toolkit

9. Please suggest a name for this website other than the "HIV Prevention Toolkit."

10. In what form(s) would you like to have these resource made available for your easy access and use?