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Validating Decision-Making

Have you thoroughly considered the various factors relevant to HIV prevention programming?

It is a complex task for HIV prevention planners and managers to thoroughly consider all of the factors
involved in HIV prevention programming. The purpose of this tool is to help those undertaking this task
to systematically think through the various factors and to guide their decision-making approach
to incorporate relevant knowledge into their programming for effective HIV prevention.

User Instruction: This Validating Decision-Making tool consists of 49 questions, each of which reflects a factor that needs to be considered when programming for effective HIV prevention. Your answers to these questions will generate an assessment of the soundness or systematic nature of your decision-making approach as it relates to HIV prevention programming. Your approach will either be validated with a "Congratulations! You are systematically and thoroughly considering factors relevant to effective HIV prevention programming," or it will be suggested that "You could apply a more methodical decision-making approach regarding the following," after which will appear a list of factors. Upon completion of this exercise, a summary report will be generated for your convenience.

If your answers reflect that you have not considered any of the factors relevant to programming for effective HIV prevention, you will be sent to the section of the Toolkit that presents the Minimum Requirements for HIV prevention programming, for your information.

Percent Complete: 1%

1. Are you a program manager working/operating at the sub-national level?